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Academy Director: Roshunda Jenkins

(effective December 21, the responsibilities of director were transferred to Academy Faclitator

CTE / Academy Facilitator: Denise Johns

2017-18 Action Plan:

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher'sMelanie Wood
Course(s) TaughtSport, Recreation & Entertainment Essentials
Period Taught3,5,7
Roshunda Jenkins
Sport, Recreation & Entertainment Applications
Roshunda Jenkins
Sport, Recreation & Entertainment Management
Roshunda Jenkins
Marketing Directed Study
Amy Turner
English I.
2, 7
Matthew Wall
English I., Englich I Hon.
Colleen O'Grady
English II, English II Hon.
Jason Burnside
English !!!, English II Hon.
Gerald Fuller

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:
Sports Marketing Student Designed Shirts.jpg
Students designed t-shirts for Breast Cancer awareness and then sold the shirts.
Sports Marketing Store.jpg
Students actually manage and run the CUDA Store.
Sports Marketing Field Study.jpg
Field Study - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Students working on and presenting projects.
Sports Marketing Curriculum in Action 4.JPG Sports Marketing Curriculum in Action 3.JPG Sports Marketing Curriculum in Action 2.JPG Sports Marketing Curriculum in Action 1.JPG
Standard 2: Cohort Schedule
9th Grade: Essentials (Wood) 8827410N 81 Students English 1 (A. Turner) 1001310N 34 Students M. Wall 1001320N Honors 41 Students
10th Grade: Applications (Villanueva) 8827420N 67 Students English: O'Grady 1001340N
11th Grade: Management (Villanueva) 8827430N 46 Students English: Burnside 1001370N, 1001380N
12th Grade: DS Marketing (Villanueva) 8800100N 29 Students Economics: Fuller 2102335B
Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment
Grade 9 total number of academy students: 81
Grade 10 total number of academy students:67
Grade 11 total number of academy students: 46
Grade 12 total number of academy students: 29

25 students are taking AP classes
16 students are dual enrolled
Standard 6: Professional Collaboration
September 29, 2017 (8:00-3:00) CTE Director/Facilitator Meeting
July 24-26 (8:00-3:30) Summer Academy Workshop (PBL Focus)
Academy Teachers meet during lunches and after school on a regular basis equaling about 3-4 hours per month. The meetings were more frequent when integrated projects were being completed.
Standard 7: Recruitment
  • High School Showcase - Dec. 2017
  • 8th Grade Registration: Mar. 26,27,28 at NSBMS
  • Incoming 9th Grade Parent Night - NSBMS

  • High School Sneak Peek:

Standard 8: Career Focus / Workbased Learning
james wood daytona tortugas.jpgJames Wood, Director of Entertainment & Promotions with Daytona Tortugas August 25, 2017
Guest Speaker Shok.jpgNicole Foresta, Shok Idea Group- Marketing & Advertising September 27,2017
Sports Marketing advertising Promotional items for businesses: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/910525018681020416
cuda store promo.jpgSchool Based Enterprise "Cuda Store" promoting and selling school products.
Football promo.jpgSports Marketing students promoting business products at football game.
tshirt promo.jpgSports Marketing promoting academy by using t-shirt gun to increase school spirit and student morale. Students are getting experience in the Sports & Entertainment industry by promoting items and game attendance.
ticket sales.jpgSports Marketing students assisting with ticket sales at a football game.
external image DIHWAycVoAAb7W4.jpg
Standard 9: Marketing
  • Community Tour of Academies; February 6, 2018Cuda SportsMarketing
  • Twitter page: @nsbhsmarketing
  • Instagram: NSBHSsportsmarketing

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Other: Literacy Fair
Final Evaluation: